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Code Europa: A Student Mission to Save the Continent

EUNICE European University launch a virtual “escape room” in light of the European elections.

Santander, 6 May 2024.- An unknown threat now shows over Europe: ten rebel groups calling themselves the “Disruptors” are spreading chaos and division across the continent. EUNICE European University will become a supranational intelligence agency dedicated to safeguarding Europe’s future, and from May 9 to 23, its students can participate in the mission to protect the European Union.

This is the synopsis of the virtual escape room “Code Europa: The Disruptor’s Dilemma,” online spy game which the EUNICE European University has developed in the occasion of Europe Day (9 May) and the upcoming European Parliament elections (9 June).

As part of the experiential learning activities offered by EUNICE, the “Code Europa” escape room will be open to participation by the 150,000 people studying at universities within the alliance, present in ten European countries.

Participation will be individual and in English, through the website. Players can only use their official university user email and their objective will be to complete all the challenges with the highest possible score in a single attempt.

Players take on the role of spies from the supranational agency and engage in different games, tests, and questions related to important current topics regulated politically at the European level: climate change, economy, migration, and security.


According to the head of the EUFIREG module at the University of Cantabria (UC) collaborator in the development of the game, Prof. Marcos Fernández, "students will gain a deeper understanding of European issues while having fun and competing in the escape room. The top-ranked students competing across all EUNICE alliance will have the opportunity to compete the prize of a trip to Brussels to explore the birthplace of European institutions.

As an institution of higher education committed to democratic values, this EUNICE initiative aims to “enhance knowledge about the political system of the European Union, its function, and how it impacts us as citizens in our daily lives,” says Prof. Elisa Baraibar, member of EUGREEN Jean Monnet Module and vice-dean at the Faculty of Business and Economics of the UC: "In this regard, the European Parliament significantly influences political decision-making that subsequently extends to the national and local levels.

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