REUNICE is a strategic research and development project under the H2020 program linked to the EUNICE (European University for Customized Education) project. The universities participating in this project are members of the EUNICE European University. Local industry, communities and member universities will also benefit from the project, which contributes to the development of a society based on knowledge and innovation.

Within the framework of the REUNICE project, work on platforms supporting EUNICE has been carried out for nearly 3 years of its duration (the project will culminate in September 2024).

The following platforms should be mentioned here:

1. EEP - Expertise Exchange Platform (supported by Catalyst) 

The knowledge exchange platform project involves the creation of a digital platform that will serve as a bridge between university entities and other social institutions and industrial centers, operating on the principle of a virtual marketplace. The platform, through the creation of campaigns, will allow users to submit (1) needs for technological solutions, (2) ideas for joint projects, (3) problems to be solved, as well as (4) needs for competencies. At the same time, users of the platform will be able to submit their solutions and discuss ways to develop the best possible solutions. In addition, the platform will support the process of evaluation of submitted ideas. It is worth noting that the platform will operate not only at the local level, within the EUNICE partnership, but will also be available to other European universities and representatives of the socio-economic environment.

2. A smart collaboration platform for open science based on blockchain technology

Open science requires the creation of a collaborative environment, meaning that anyone can freely participate, collaborate and contribute to the scientific process. To this end, a platform based on blockchain technology has been created to enable the scientific community and non-experts to share scientific achievements. Both scientists and non-academics will be able to collaborate, share information and materials on scientific publications, technical reports, theses, and completed projects. Thanks to artificial intelligence algorithms implemented on the platform, the system will automatically, based on analysis of available publications, connect scientific cooperation partners. 

3. AI platform - a platform for exchanging competencies related to artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence tools, such as machine learning, are a key component of modern technology that permeates almost every aspect of life in the civilized world. There are two main sources of AI tools: academia, where they are developed, and business and society, which are the recipients. The key to success is to ensure the best possible cooperation between these two areas. To achieve this, detailed knowledge of the fields of activity of both sides of the process is necessary, which in turn requires effective knowledge transfer. In order to accelerate this effort and effectively strengthen research and innovation cooperation between academia and business and society, REUNICE is proposing an initiative to provide interested parties with specialized knowledge of artificial intelligence tools that are already available in academia. Accordingly, a platform for sharing competencies and resources will be established to connect artificial intelligence specialists from EUNICE universities and the socio-economic environment to share their AI research ideas and inspire cooperation and integration of industrial and social partners, increasing their awareness of the possibilities of AI methods and tools, as well as to establish cooperation and implement joint activities in this area.

Please visit the project's official website for more details.